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Amy Liu

Accepted to:
Harvard University (attending), Stanford, Yale (Directed Studies Program), Duke, Vanderbilt (Chancellor's Scholarship), UC Berkeley (Regents' and Chancellor's Scholarship, out-of-state recipient), UCLA, UNC-Chapel Hill (Honors + Accelerated Research Program), NYU Stern (Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship), University of Pittsburgh (Chancellor's Scholarship), Boston College, UC Santa Barbara.

Coca-Cola Scholar, National Merit Finalist, AP Scholar, Equitable Excellence Scholarship Recipient, Federal Employee Education & Assistance (FEEA) Scholarship Recipient.

Majors & Interests:
Economics, Psychology, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Computer Science, Journalism, Public Policy, Education, Grassroots Organizing, and Public Service.
Hi! My name is Amy Liu, and I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I’m a junior at Harvard College concentrating in economics, with a secondary in psychology and a citation in Spanish. 
The admissions officers who authored my Harvard admissions file and Yale acceptance letter identified my story-telling capabilities as my greatest asset. Although I was unsure of my future career trajectory and exhibited a wide range of extracurriculars, I pieced together my experiences and essays to tell a cohesive, compelling story, and I will strive to help you do the same! My admitted essays ranged from touching on extreme adversity to discussing certain Spanish phrases that I loved; I will guide you in crafting your application essays with the perfect balance of deep reflection and personal flair. Most importantly, I will ensure that your best qualities are highlighted in your essays. 
Since entering college, I have edited essays pro-bono for students who were eventually admitted into Cornell, UPenn, and Harvard. I understand how daunting the college admissions process can be, and I hope to serve as a reliable sounding board for you as you navigate this stressful yet rewarding time. ☺

“Amy’s strength is making sure you are presenting your very best self to admissions officers. She’s exceptional at explaining her thinking from the perspective of an admissions officer, giving you a strong idea of how your writing portrays you. Throughout your essay, she will point to where you can make your writing stand out more and enable you to have the word count to do so by cutting out less relevant parts of the essay.”

– Quality Assurance Manager at Next Gen Admit

Avery Hansberger

Avery Hansberger

Accepted to:
Harvard University (attending), Yale, Princeton, Brown, Stanford, Duke (Likely Letter), UPenn (Ben Franklin Scholar), UCLA, UC Berkeley, USC, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego (Chancellor Scholarship), UNC- Chapel Hill, UC Irvine (Regents Scholarship), Bard College.

Elks Most Valuable Teen National Semifinalist, National Honor Society National Finalist, Burger King National Scholar.

Majors & Interests:
Theater, Media, Entertainment, Environmental Science and Public Policy, Economics.
Hey! My name is Avery and I have the pleasure of calling Southern California home. During the college application process, I applied to more schools than any rational person should (20 in total). So, as you can gather, I’ve written my fair share of college essays. I totally understand how difficult it can be to clearly and passionately get your ideas across with limited space, so let me help you! In my time writing and editing essays, I have learned so much about how to make essays standout and hit on key points to make students great contenders for admission. I am also so passionate about making sure students are confident and proud of the applications they submit. At the end of the day, it is so important that you can submit your applications knowing you presented yourself in the best possible light and I would love to help you get there! 
Fun Fact: I was admitted to both Stanford and USC with an essay about how the High School Musical Trilogy shaped the person I would become. 

Avery will help you develop your narrative so that each component is interconnected and cohesive. He is skilled at pointing out where your words lack in substance, and he will provide notes to give your words more weight and value! With his feedback, you will realize how to polish your essay so that each sentence contributes to the overall theme. Admissions officers really care to learn about your journey, not just the destination. Avery will help you do just this!

– Dyllen Nellis, Stanford University

Cat Horkay

Accepted to:
Stanford University (attended), Claremont McKenna College, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, University of San Francisco.

eQuality Scholarship Recipient 2019.

Majors & Interests:
Computer Science (major), Creative Writing (minor), Psychology, Queer Stories, Entrepreneurship, Neurodiversity Research, Human Behavior in Digital Spaces, Practical Electronics, Fanfiction, Video Games, Screenwriting, Comedy

Hi, I’m Cat! I am a proud Filipina-American from Torrance, California. I recently graduated from Stanford’s School of Engineering in 2023, studying Computer Science with a concentration in human-computer interaction. At Stanford, I served as a class president, an all-frosh dorm RA, and a kitchen manager for a vegan co-op. I’m insanely passionate about empowering women-loving-women (WLW) LGBTQ+ representation through storytelling. In fact, this is what I wrote my common app essay about – my desire to serve as the role model I needed as a young queer kid.


During my time at Stanford, I dropped the pre-med track, wrote a copyrighted teleplay, started a company, and switched my major about 7 times. Given the zigzagged path I trod, I would say I am now the equivalent of a wise old woman at the bus stop whose insight in this particular domain will prove valuable to you on your journey.


Excellent college essay writing requires you to dexterously balance your own extremes of authenticity and presentability. I am excited to help you showcase your core strengths in a way that sounds and feels like you. Let’s do this!


Fun fact: My current writing project is longer than the first three books of Harry Potter combined!

“Cat will make sure that your writing is clear, concise, and powerful! In addition to refining your writing at the granular level, she will ensure that readers connect with and understand your story. Cat will push you to dig deeper and reveal more detail when necessary, as well as cut back on parts of your essay that could be better spent in other areas. Her comments are always super thorough and easy to follow.”

– Quality Assurance Manager at Next Gen Admit 

Izumi Vazquez

Izumi Vazquez

Accepted to:
Harvard University (attending), Stanford, Brown (Program in Liberal Medical Education), UPenn (Ben Franklin Scholar), Rice (Rice/Baylor Medical Scholars + Trustee Distinguished Scholarship), Cornell (Likely Letter), Duke (Likely Letter), UT Austin (CNS Scholarship + Health Science Scholars Honors), Northeastern (National Recognition Program Scholarship + Honors Program), Northwestern, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt (Early Admission via MOSAIC Program), Emory (Early Admission), Case Western (University Scholarship), Baylor (Academic Scholarship), UTSA.

Coca-Cola Scholar, National Endowment for the Humanities Scholar, Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholar, Hispanic Heritage Foundation Youth Awardee, National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholar.

Majors & Interests:
Medical Humanities, History of Science, Global Health, Health Policy, Health Equity, Medical Journalism, Psychology, Creative Writing, Ethnicity/Race/Migration, Spanish.

Hi! My name is Izumi Vázquez and I’m a Pinterest-obsessed dog lover born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. I’m a sophomore at Harvard College pursuing a concentration in History of Science and secondary in Global Health and Health Policy on the pre-med track.


Having applied to 20 colleges my senior year, I’ve written my fair share of essays and grew tremendously as a writer in doing so. I successfully navigated the college application process with the support of pro-bono mentorship programs and extensive research (250+ hours) on how to strengthen my reflective writing skills and ability to effectively storytell. In addition to writing my college essays, I’ve also edited 40+ essays for and mentored FGLI students applying to colleges and programs such as LEDA and QuestBridge pro-bono. At Harvard, I’ve taken writing-intensive courses that have further refined both my writing and editing skills.


As an aspiring physician who applied and was accepted to BS/MD programs, I’m also knowledgeable about medical school interviews and curating genuine essays that will showcase your commitment to medicine.


Through trial-and-error, I learned how to effectively and engagingly relay the motivations, passions, and aspirations behind my extracurriculars and interests through my writing. I know first-hand how difficult it can be to brainstorm and write college essays, and I would love to use my experience to help you grow from self-reflection and become a master of storytelling!


Fun fact: I have recorded a second of my day every day for over a year 🙂

“I don’t think I could recommend Izumi enough. After sending her my Stanford short takes and supplemental essays, I was prepared for a few minor changes and comments. However, Izumi goes DEEP into your essay and finds not only the basic grammatical errors and ways to cut down your word count, but comments that delve into how changing the structure (or even content) of your essay can make you a stronger applicant. Besides over 100 comments/revisions, she leaves overall comments at the end of all her edits. What really sets her apart is that when she suggests a content or structural change, she explains WHY and gives you ideas on how you can reframe that part. And, although she most definitely doesn’t hesitate to give you suggestions and revisions when you need it, she also builds you up and points out parts of your essay that you did well! As if that wasn’t enough, she also looks at the essays cohesively in an effort to ensure you stand out as a person with your whole package. I can’t thank her enough!!!”

– Olivia from Virginia


“Izumi’s edits are incredibly personalized and very helpful! Rather than telling you what could be improved, Izumi shows you how to improve your writing with specific examples, easy-to-follow and practical essay structures, and even shares examples from what she has done in the past. Writing formats, phrasing, word choice, and an overall encouraging final comment—Izumi provides you with all!”

– Anonymous from Canada


“I absolutely loved Izumi’s feedback! I sent her a BS/MD essay and my Common App essay, both of which had great feedback. Izumi gave me advice on how to restructure sentences and provided me with specific examples. I also liked how she gave me detailed examples of questions I should be thinking about when writing reflective portions of my essay. Overall, I saw a huge difference in my essays after following Izumi’s edits and would definitely recommend her!”

– Keerthana from Ohio


“Izumi knows exactly what it’s like to write many different college essays for the most competitive schools. Oftentimes, students will share a story without answering the “so what?” Izumi will help you discover the answer to this question by providing detailed feedback to effectively convey your personal journey. She will inspire you to both evaluate and elaborate on the significance of your experiences/story and clarify any unclear details. Also, she has great insight on writing essays for medical programs!”

– Dyllen Nellis, Stanford University


“Izumi is an amazing editor! I have gotten my second service from her and she gives clear, thorough, and positive feedbacks in my essay. She gives me examples and or question to answer topics/sentences that could do better, and this was extremely helpful for me. Thank you, and looking forward to continue getting my essays revised from you as I continue applying for nursing schools this year.”

– Janrick from Washington

Divya Mehrish

Divya Mehrish

Accepted to:
Stanford University (attending), Columbia (John Jay Scholar); UPenn (also recruited by the Kelly Writers House); Georgetown; Northwestern; Johns Hopkins; UVA; Scripps James E. Scripps Scholarship); UC Berkeley; UCLA; UC Santa Barbara (and the specialized College of Creative Studies); UC San Diego.

National Merit Commended Scholar, AP Scholar, Coolidge Presidential Scholarship Senator, Scholastic Writing Awards National Medalist.

Majors & Interests:
Symbolic Systems, Creative Writing, Chemistry, English, History, Communications/Media Studies, Journalism, French, Italian, Russian Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Comparative Literature, Medical Humanities, Data Science.

Hi! My name is Divya, and I am a prospective Symbolic Systems and Comparative Literature double major at Stanford from NYC. I am a published writer, and my work has appeared in journals across the U.S. and U.K. With extensive editing and writing mentorship experience as well as a passion for learning across disciplines, I love to help students highlight their authentic selves and their genuine voices as well as their interdisciplinary curiosities! I am skilled at spotting individual details that need to be modified as well as analyzing the essay as a whole for overall flow. I have been supporting hundreds of students applying to college and graduate school programs through essay editing and 1:1 consultations for over two years as a manager at another college consulting service. I wrote my essays about resilience, discovering my love for writing, medical humanities, political polarization, and my fascination with Russia and Slavic literature.


Who are you? Your essay is the one chance you have of speaking directly to a college admissions officer and sharing your story. What do you want them to remember about you? Make sure to let your real self and your authentic voice shine through. Don’t try to sound different or to write what you think a college wants to hear. They want to hear YOU! Claim the “I” voice and own your personal story.

“Diyva was expectional. Her focus on precision and concision helped elevate my short answers even more. Her edits were not only helpful for my answers but allowed me to learn more about writing in general. Her in-depth feedback helped guide me in the right direction and shifted my focus to making a more cohesive application. I got accepted under Stanford’s REA and I truly could not have done it without Divya.”

– Ariana from Nevada, Stanford University REA Admit



“Divya was more than I could’ve ever asked for in an editor! She commented on everything possible, and left me with confidence in my essay. She told me what fit and what needed work, with conclusive explanations for everything. Worth every penny! Divya definitely created a helpful environment that has completely changed my ability to write.

– Senna from California


“Divya did an amazing job editing my essay and she was very clear on how to make it more concise but meaningful. I was really struggling to find a way to connect my passions to specific examples in my own life. Also, she was very helpful when it came to the flow of my essay, which was another concern of mine.”

– Vivian from Massachusetts

Nell Williams

Accepted to:
Harvard (attending), Bowdoin, Barnard, Georgetown (Walsh School of Foreign Service), Washington University of St. Louis, Vassar, UMich, Case Western Reserve (University Scholarship), Grinnell (Founders Scholarship), Macalester (Catharine Lealtad Scholarship + Dewitt Wallace Grant), Spelman, University of Georgia, Wisconsin Madison.

Majors & interests:
Political Science/Government, Health Advocacy, Research in Social Justice + Health Ethics, African American Studies, Sociology/Activism, Non-Profit Management, Ceramics

Hello! I’m Nell and I am from St. Louis, Missouri, but starting my freshman year of college in Cambridge, MA at Harvard! 

As I formulated my college applications (which definitely took some time, considering I applied to over 20 schools), I learned the importance of effective and thorough essay revisions, understood how to show multiple angles of yourself without overwhelming the admissions officers, and, most importantly, how to use this process as a time for self reflection and growth.


Having used an editing service myself during my application season, I know the kind of in-depth, honest, and fair feedback you are looking for and I really hope to give you the same confidence in your work that I had during my application cycle too. I also want you to leave this experience learning more about how you can most effectively write and edit so that college writing classes don’t feel so daunting.


I wrote my essays on a lot of tough topics and major changes in my life, such as multiple people very close to me passing away, encountering situations of racism and discrimination, and identity struggles. I encourage every student to write about anything they believe is important to them, but also remember to introduce yourself to the admissions officers as a person looking to grow and create change from these experiences as you enter college.


Fun fact: My Harvard application was one of my last ones and I finished those essays on a train with terrible wifi while I was traveling in Italy 🙂

“Nell is a master of storytelling and will ensure your essay is compelling to read. She will ask you provoking questions that will enable you to think on a deeper level about how you can elevate your storytelling to the next level. She will also help you refine the flow of your writing, allowing you to present your essay in the most memorable way possible.”

– Quality Assurance Manager at Next Gen Admit

Krishi Kothari

Accepted to:
University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School of Business (attending), UT Austin, Texas A&M, UT Dallas, University of Minnesota, and Rutgers - New Brunswick.

Majors & Interests:
Finance, Management, Marketing, Computer Science, Information Systems, Entrepreneurship, Languages, Creative Writing

Hi, my name is Krishi! I am originally from Texas and a junior at UPenn in the Wharton School. I wrote my common app college essay about my love for languages. Growing up trilingual, and since then learning three more languages, I have learned to employ grammatically correct structures while carefully selecting impactful words and phrases that truly capture my thoughts.

My journey has been enriched by taking creative writing courses at the University of Pennsylvania and participating in a college advice/essay editing community when in high school. Guiding aspiring younger peers, who triumphantly secured admission to their dream institutions, has been a rewarding experience. Now, equipped with a foundation in solid grammar, dynamic sentence structure, and a wealth of vocabulary, I am enthusiastic about helping YOU in achieving your dreams too!

My top advice: Focus on who you are and how that translates into your future. Consider not only what the school can offer you, but also what you can contribute to the school, as institutions are eager to invest in your potential.

I am excited to share my knowledge and help you create meaningful essays that not only convey your personality, but also stand out amidst the sea of applications 🙂

“Krishi is awesome at restructuring your writing to be more flowy and concise. In doing so, she will push you to become a better writer. In her feedback, she explains her reasoning so that you understand where she is coming from as an experienced editor. Perhaps most importantly, she is able to convey how your writing might be interpreted from an outside perspective, giving you a stronger idea of how you are portraying yourself to your audience.”

– Quality Assurance Manager at Next Gen Admit 

Xander Zurovec

Accepted to:
Harvard University (attending), Rice University, Trinity University (Murchison Scholarship), The University of Texas at Austin.

Majors & Interests:
Behavioral/Neuro Economics, Economics, Psychology, Global Health and Health Policy, and Percussion.

Hi! My name is Xander Zurovec and I’m a born and raised Texan and avid percussionist from San Antonio! In navigating through the college application process, I realized the importance of conveying a natural, warming, and relatable tone as opposed to aggressively focusing on what I thought my admission officers might want to hear. I was deferred from Harvard REA and subsequently admitted during their regular decision round, so I understand the struggles of lying in the deferral limbo without any clue of where to proceed next and I’m passionate about helping students in that same position of uncertainty. I’m dedicated to helping you discover your natural voice and style, tapping into your nuanced and sophisticated emotions and correctly expressing them within your essays, and crafting your Letter of Continued Interest to show your school why that deferral should be translated into an acceptance! Having edited over 60+ essays for my friends applying to college (who were later accepted to schools like UT’s McCombs Business School, Harvard, and UPenn Wharton), no matter what you’re struggling with, I’ll help you convey your unique personality and warmth within your essays and find confidence in your writing!

“Xander was extremely helpful in that he didn’t just stop at editing my grammar mistakes and offering better vocabulary, but also explained how I could better answer the prompt! It was clear that his edits were to help me craft the perfect essay! I would 100% recommend Xander to everyone!!”

– Srinidhi from the U.S.


“I appreciated how Xander had detailed comments for every sentence of my essays along with a paragraph at the end that detailed the main themes and improvements I could make. 100% would recommend!”

– Jason from the U.S.


“Xander will provide you with incredibly thorough feedback to take your story to the next level and enhance your emotional depth. His notes will address WHY changes are necessary and HOW revisions can be made. He will happily suggest new ways to phrase sentences and draw connections between your points. If you need help self-reflecting, making your essay more personal, or adding depth to your essay, Xander is a perfect fit. With his feedback, you will have a much clearer sense of direction and new ideas to make your essay shine!”

– Dyllen Nellis, Stanford University


Accepted to:
UC Berkeley (attending), UCLA, UC Davis, University of Michigan, Washington University in St. Louis

Majors & Interests:
Political Science, International Relations, Business Administration, Financial Wellness, Poetry, Advocacy

Hey, I’m Melaph! Trust me, I get the struggle of writing a ridiculous amount of essays and submitting too many applications; I’ve slammed my keyboard out of admissions-induced frustration too. I’d be honored to help you turn that frustration of “how do I tell my story in a captivating way” into the sweet relief of “I’m confidently being my true self,” especially if you’re coming from an international background like me.


By the way, I’m a poet, and “show, not tell” is my middle name. So, I’m stoked to assist you in finding those perfect words to express yourself and turning your essay into a magical portal that takes readers on a journey through your experiences and how they’ve shaped you into the awesome person you are today.


Oh, and here’s a fun fact about me: I’m absolutely obsessed with Matcha (I make my own) and true-crime podcasts!

Melaph is a passionate writer and exceptional storyteller! She will help you identify places where you are “telling” and give you ways and examples of how to better “show” in your writing. With her feedback, you will be empowered with the knowledge of how to structure your essay in such a way that has a clear beginning, middle, and end. After incorporating Melaph’s comments, you will be proud of your ability to convey your story.

– Quality Assurance Manager at Next Gen Admit

Taarini Godbole

Accepted to:
Brown University (attending), Rice University, Washington University in St. Louis, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Hawaii at Manoa (Presidential scholarship).

National Merit Commended Scholar, AP Scholar with Distinction, CollegeBoard Rural & Small Town Recognition Program Scholar.

Majors & Interests:
Business & Entrepreneurship, Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering, Education, Creative Writing, Literary Arts, Music Theory

Hey! My name is Taarini and I’m from the Big Island of Hawai’i. In my free time, I love watching K-dramas, baking pizzas, crocheting, and long-distance running!


I went to a public high school with no college counselor, which meant I had to figure out much of the college process on my own. In my senior year of high school, as I was preparing to apply to colleges, I scoured the internet for every resource I could find on crafting a college essay. I looked through hundreds of articles, vlogs, and books to understand the purpose of college essays and how I could best use them to display my personality, experiences, and values. My extensive research allowed me to write essays that purposefully let my emotions and unique voice shine through. I have helped edit essays for several of my friends and classmates who were accepted to schools like UC Berkeley and Rice University.


Although it might sound cliché, my biggest piece of advice is to write from the heart–think deeply about how you have grown from your experiences and how they have prepared you to tackle new challenges and thrive at your future college. This self-reflection is the most valuable part of any essay, and although it may be difficult at first, it will get easier as you continue to write!


I am a first-year at Brown University this year, and plan on concentrating in Biomedical Engineering and Literary Arts. I am passionate about helping students get into their top-choice school with essays that are special and true to them. I would love to help you craft purposeful, strong essays that creatively convey what makes you YOU. I am so excited to work with you!

“Taarini will bring your writing to life! Aside from powerful suggestions on how to better “show versus tell”, she will make sure that the reader can visualize the story you are trying to craft. Taarini is also excellent at pointing out where the missed opportunities in your essays are; her feedback will make it clear where you should go deeper and elaborate so that you are presenting your story in the best light possible!”

– Quality Assurance Manager at Next Gen Admit 

Vivian Wang

Vivian Wang

Accepted to:
Stanford University (attending), Yale-NUS (Yale’s satellite campus in Singapore), UCLA (UCLA Alumni Scholar), UC Berkeley (Regents’ & Chancellor’s Scholarship), UC Irvine (Regents’ & Chancellor’s Scholarship), UC San Diego, UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara, University of Michigan, Virginia Tech (Honors College).

National Merit Commended Scholar, International Baccalaureate Diploma, National Honor Society Scholarship, PEOPLE’s Girls Changing the World in 2021.

Majors & interests:
Computer Science, Social Entrepreneurship, Communications/Media Studies, Journalism, Creative Writing, Symbolic Systems, Spanish & Mandarin Chinese, Dance

Hey! I’m Vivian, an Orange County, California native and freshman at Stanford University. As a journalist by day and computer scientist by night, I have been involved with the Los Angeles Times HSI and Girls Who Code. Over the past six years, I have been tutoring students and now mentor students through the college admissions process; I’ve edited 50+ essays. By dedicating 300+ hours to reading articles and watching videos, I confidently navigated the ins and outs of the admissions process. Having recently viewed my Stanford admissions file, I am happy to share my discoveries about what admissions officers love, especially with creating a cohesive story and theme. Reach out if you’d like guidance with your application theme/spike, activities list, supplemental essays (word count, grammar, overall storytelling), common app personal statement, or letter of continued interest!

Fun facts: I live 20 minutes from Disneyland and I have a guinea pig named Pippin!

“OMG Vivian was incredibly helpful! She provided helpful and insightful feedback. She not only suggested where to cut to meet the word count but also pointed out my grammar errors and helped me showcase the intended message of my essay. She left thorough comments on the Glows and the Grows of each essay I wrote (parts of my essay that can be improved and parts where I did well). Additionally, she was super sweet! She edited my essays without being overly critical or mean. I would definitely recommend Vivian as your editor!”

– Mina from California


“With all my heart would recommend, I could tell that Vivian looked through and analyzed not just every sentence but every word in my essay. Her commentary explained every suggestion/edit and how could improve my essay. Even if you think your essay is good, I would recommend Vivian her attention to detail will notice things you didn’t and will result in the best possible essay.”

– Jessica from Hialeah


“Vivian will not only provide thoughtful suggestions and ideas to strengthen your essay, but she’ll also make sure you gain strategies for revising your own work. She is skilled at guiding you in the right direction to “show” rather than “tell” and knows just how to clean up your wording for better flow. She will help you flesh out parts that are unclear and suggest ways to reflect upon what you learned through your experiences. With Vivian as your editor, you will be able to refine your storytelling and bolster its significance!”

– Dyllen Nellis, Stanford University


Vivian has to be a blessing from the heavens. When I first opened the google doc that she was working on, I found a barrage of detailed edits, supportive comments, and concrete examples. Yet, she wasn’t even close being to done yet! Thanks to Vivian, I’m feeling confident about my essays – knowing that I will present the best version of writing to the admission officers as I possibly can. By far the best essay editor I have met so far and her service was worth far more than I what paid for. Would recommend to anyone.”

– Zhen Hao Yap from Malaysia

London San Luis

Accepted to:
Stanford University (Early Action, attending), Brown University (Brown-RISD Dual Degree Program), Rhode Island School of Design, Princeton University, Columbia University, Claremont McKenna University, UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego (Regents Scholarship), UC Irvine (Regents Scholarship, Honors Collegium), UC Santa Cruz.

Majors & Interests:
Human Biology, Public Health, Medical Anthropology, Visual Arts, Film, Dance, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship

Hello! I’m London San Luis, and I’m based in Orange County, California. I attended an arts high school where I studied visual arts and digital media; this unorthodox educational experience was formative in fostering the creativity I applied when writing my college essays and will employ to help edit yours! After acceptance into Stanford in the restrictive early action cycle, I had the privilege of having the freedom to experiment when completing the rest of my applications, which gave me valuable insights into the art of applying. It became clear to me that admissions officers look for authenticity and freshness–there is no perfect mold they are looking for prospective students to fit in! Don’t be afraid to be playful. Additionally, having helped many friends craft successful college and scholarship essays, I know how to make your essays flow, showcase your voice, and present the essence of you as a must-have student.


At Stanford, I plan to double-major in human biology and art practice on a pre-med track. My essay topics spanned from painting self-portraits as a form of introspection to public health research to filing taxes to writing in illegible cursive. Thus, I finished the application season with extensive experience writing about arts, STEM, and personal stories in unconventional, yet effective ways.

“London’s editing style is thorough and thoughtful, pointing out any and all areas of improvement. In her analysis, she is able to pinpoint areas in which your essay is not living up to its fullest potential–and she will help you get it there. She’s exceptional at balancing big-picture edits with the equally as important nitty-gritty details. Her own unique college essays stand out from the crowd, and she will focus on helping you differentiate yourself from other students, too!”

– Quality Assurance Manager at Next Gen Admit

Constantia Georgiou

Accepted to:
Stanford University (attending, matched through QuestBridge).
QuestBridge National College Match Scholarship Recipient.

Majors & Interests:
Molecular Biology, Immunology, Maternal and Child Health, Health Policy, Health Equity, American Studies, Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity, Orchestral Music, Multi-Media Art

Hi! My name is Constantia, but you can call me Tia. I am a Pre-Med Biology major at Stanford minoring in Comparative Studies. I am also a big sister, plant lover, and green enthusiast. Home for me is Tennessee. I am a first-generation American and the first generation in my family to attend University. Education has always been a big part of my life. As a QuestBridge Finalist, I ranked and applied to 15 schools and got a full four-year scholarship to my first choice, Stanford University.


I have well-rounded experience with archival and clinical research, as well as early education tutoring. In my various experiences, I continue to learn the importance of contextualizing not just biology or history, but also people. Knowing YOUR story is the first step to writing a genuine essay, and I’m happy to help you out along the way.  During my college application process, I knew I had a story to tell but worried about writing about my challenges. The truth is touching on these topics are important, especially the ones that contributed to your growth or inspired your goals and aspirations. I can help you balance a reflective and story-telling tone, express your unique understanding of the world, and convey how these put you on a path to succeed in higher education. Strongly presenting the intersectionality experienced in your life is a sign of intellectual vitality. This can strengthen how admissions officers perceive the energy and depth of commitment you will bring to your endeavors.


As College admissions are becoming increasingly more competitive, what better way to stand out than by showing your admission officer a new perspective?



Fun Fact: I have a record collection I started in high school with over 150 albums. This started because music is a big part of my life and I enjoy most genres stretching from Classical to R&B.

“Constantia’s thoughtful and innovative comments will transform unnecessary word count into the most impactful and important parts of your essay. In addition, she will help you refine your unique voice; admissions officers are excited about hearing your unique voice shine through your writing, and Constantia’s comments will enable you to achieve just that. She is highly skilled at helping your essay be deeply personal to you, and thus a standout essay.”

– Quality Assurance Manager at Next Gen Admit

Sascha Agenor

Sascha Agenor

Accepted to:
Dartmouth College (attending), Duke University (Likely Letter), Rice University (University Investment Grant), USC (SCA for Film), New York University (Tisch Scholarship, Tisch Talent Identification Scholarship, Dean Scholars Program for film at Tisch), Boston University (University Scholar), Emory University, UC Santa Barbara, UC Davis, UC Irvine (Director's Scholarship), UC San Diego, University of Florida, Florida State University.

Majors & Interests:
Sociology, Film, Digital & Visual Arts, Political Science, English, African American Studies, Computer Science, History, Social Justice & Activism.

Hi! I’m from Miami, Florida. I wrote my Common App essay on social justice in the film industry and how that ties in with my identity as a woman of color. My goal with essay editing is to ensure that your creativity comes alive and that you stand out! I’m perfect for uncommon essay structures as I’ve had experience with writing news articles, short stories, screenplays, poems, and have won several essay writing contests. I also specialize in essays for film school! Overall, I can easily identify redundancy and help you rephrase/enhance your essay structure and language for flow, clarity, and originality purposes. Additionally, I will comment about what I get from you as a person, and how you can better tell your story! I work quickly and my comments are always thorough.

Fun fact: I have four pets- a rabbit, a cat, and two dogs!

“I loved how Sascha was able to make so many suggestions all while keeping my voice and writing style in the essay. She thoroughly explained her reasoning behind any edits she made and also brought up things to consider that I never would have thought about. It was good to have fresh eyes read over it, especially someone who isn’t necessarily from my area as I know that’s what it will be like when admissions officers read my application. Thanks for your help!”

– Charisse from California

“She made suggestions that I never considered. Love the insight that she has!”

– Cohan from Texas

“Sascha has an in-depth understanding of storytelling, as reflected by her experience with filmmaking and her fabulous college essays that I was lucky to review! For essays both big and small, she knows how to craft an engaging opening hook that will strike the interest of the college admissions officers. She will clearly point out any disconnects in your story and provide valuable advice to fill in the gaps. And when she comes up with new ideas to enhance your essay, she’ll be sure to share them with you!”

– Dyllen Nellis, Stanford University

Nina Boord

Accepted to:
Stanford University (Early Action, attending), University of Southern California (Full Merit Scholarship), Vanderbilt (Ingram Scholarship), University of Virginia, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Majors & Interests:
Entrepreneurship, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Math, Creative Writing, Spanish

Hello! My name is Nina and I grew up in Chicago. I’m currently studying computer science and business at Stanford. I have 3 years of editing experience, editing over 800+ essays and working with 60+ students one-on-one to help them tell their stories. Many were accepted into their dream schools, including Harvard, Brown, Yale, and Stanford! Through creative sentence structure and maybe even a little figurative language, my goal is to help you tell your story in a way that will leave admissions officers in awe. Furthermore, I will ensure your writing flows beautifully and reads clearly. I have experience writing essays about difficult experiences and circumstances, and I can help you make sure you are staying true to your story while highlighting your most positive traits.


My advice: Forget about what you think admissions officers want to hear; it will only hinder you. Write from your soul. The essays that stand out are always the most genuine. In some situations, traditional essay-writing “rules” can become flexible, allowing for more creativity. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone or write about a difficult topic.


I wrote my essays about empowering little girls to pursue STEM, a difficult family situation, and fortune cookies. I also used my favorite Shakespeare quote to illustrate my fascination with technology (super quirky). I can’t wait to work with you!! 😊

“Nina’s editing style exceeded my expectations. Nina brought up points that I never would have thought of myself, and she included valuable information that will help me with future essays. I can’t believe I was thinking about submitting these essays before getting them looked at—I feel like my chances are now MUCH higher. Before the edits, I wasn’t sure if my essay would stand out, but Nina’s creative ideas, suggestions, and questions gave me a much clearer picture of how I should tell my story. For the supplemental essays, she pointed out how to be much more concise and powerful. While implementing her suggestions, I actually saw my essays transform before my eyes. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who wants to get into their dream school!”

– Ben from New York


“Nina’s comments were SOO helpful!! I was shocked by how much my common app could be improved. I appreciated how she was honest in her feedback, but also highlighted many things I did well and explained why. My writing now flows so much better–I’m going to implement her tips and tricks into my writing for the rest of my life! I also struggled a lot with showing vs. telling. I knew I was doing a lot of telling but I didn’t know HOW to show what I wanted to show about myself, and Nina left SO many suggestions about how I could do just that!! Thanks to her feedback I am finally submitting an essay that I’m REALLY proud of. She also returned the essay super fast! THANK YOU NINA!! <3”

– Katie from Pennsylvania


“Nina’s focus on a cohesive big picture throughout the entirety of a student’s application was most beneficial. Posing questions provided me with an avenue to dig deeper and elevate my essay. Her in-depth feedback and suggestions were exceptional. I highly recommend Nina as she is precise and detail oriented. Thanks to her assistance, I was accepted into Stanford University under REA. I am beyond grateful for what she has taught me about myself and my writing.”

– Ariana from Nevada


Skylar Clark

Skylar Clark

Accepted to:
Northwestern University (attending for grad school), UC Berkeley (undergrad), University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, London School of Economics and Political Science, New York University.

Majors & Interests:
Communications, Rhetoric, Sociology, Digital Humanities, English, Comparative Literature, and Political Science

Hi there! My name is Skylar and I’m from Los Angeles, California. I recently graduated from the University of California Berkeley in Spring, 2021, and I am currently pursuing my PhD in Communications with an emphasis in Rhetoric, Public Culture and Media at Northwestern University. From poetry to academic essays to research, writing fascinates me because it has allowed me to ask and answer complex questions about my inner self and the outer world. The same rings true for college application essays, which are definitely an exercise in self-articulation and storytelling.


During both my undergraduate and graduate application cycles, I wrote, edited and revised dozens of application essays for myself and my peers, many of which were targeted toward college admissions, masters programs, scholarships, fellowships, and internships. I also accumulated hours of experience in tutoring, essay revision, and argumentation while working as a paid writing tutor at the UC Berkeley Student Learning Center Writing Program, where I offered personalized virtual and face-to-face support on academic writing assignments.


If there’s one thing I’ve found that academic and application writing share, it’s the difficulty they pose in owning your unique voice and perspective. When writing college application essays, that translates to communicating who you are in a concise but genuine narrative that balances depth with brevity. It’s my mission to help you reflect on both your writing skills and your experiences in tandem, so that expressing your ideas on paper becomes akin to better understanding yourself and your values (which is exactly what we want for the admissions committee to see in your work!). I hope to draw from my own knowledge of creative, academic and application writing to help you cultivate your storytelling potential!

Skylar will help get your essay in the best shape possible. Through her valuable feedback, she will illuminate parts that need to be changed, taken out, or expanded upon – and provide you with ways to do so. She explains her reasoning and thought process in detail, so you will have a strong sense of guidance while revising. Her thought-provoking questions will give you ideas of how to flesh out your story and emotions, perhaps in ways you never considered before! Plus, she’s got a keen eye for cutting down words to fit everything under the word count!”

– Dyllen Nellis, Stanford University

“Skylar targeted precisely what was worrying me about my Activities/Awards list. She provided great insight and gave me an outside perspective of someone looking into my activities. She helped me cut down my character count very efficiently, and I’m excited to add things I didn’t get to in my initial first draft. I feel way more confident in my Activities list now that I’ve gotten trusted feedback on it, thank you!”

– Bouchra from California

“Thanks to Skylar’s recommendation and revision I think my essay is channeling to the right path.”

– Andrew from New York

Hamed Hekmat

Accepted to:
Stanford University (Early Action, attending), UCLA, UC San Diego.
National Merit Scholarship Finalist.

Majors & Interests:
Symbolic Systems, Management Science and Engineering, Computer Science, Health Equity, Medical Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Spirituality, Philosophy, Mental Health, Music, Basketball

Hi y’all! My name is Hamed Hekmat. I was born in Tehran, Iran, but I’ve lived in the Bay Area since I was 4. I’ve always loved helping others learn, and I view essay editing as no different! In fact, my own application process served as a tremendous opportunity for self-reflection, allowing me to explore topics such as the overlap between my spiritual beliefs and my intellectual pursuits/curiosities. I believe I can help you convey the most important parts of yourself as authentically as possible.


Though I only ended up submitting applications to Stanford and a couple UCs, I’d prepared final drafts for 10ish other schools. More importantly, throughout middle/high school, I also spent countless hours editing the writing of my peers, ranging from skimming papers for final proofreading/grammatical checks to more extensively brainstorming when they wanted assistance with restructuring ideas. This culminated in my closest friends and I editing each other’s college applications with incredible attention to detail, further sharpening my editing skills. Simultaneously, I was participating in competitive debate. I mastered the art of constructing arguments and cases that tactfully combined compelling narratives and robust logic within strict time constraints, which came in handy while writing/editing college essays as well! 


Above all, I’m incredibly detail-oriented, and my brain loves to make connections. Whether it be analyzing samples in the music I listen to, searching for easter eggs in my favorite tv shows, or exploring the intersection between seemingly unrelated fields/concepts, it makes my neurons very excited! I enjoyed connecting the dots when crafting my own college apps, and I hope to help you do the same, while writing some incredibly strong essays in the process, of course 🙂


Fun fact: I have an insane sweet tooth. If I turn down an opportunity to eat ice cream or any adjacent treat, odds are that something might be wrong…

“Hamed’s strengths lie in his ability to make your writing more unique and impactful. Many students offer a similar approach to college essays, but Hamed’s suggestions will make you think more critically about the ways in which you can make your writing stand out without having to change the core idea of your essay. He is able to emphasize the components of your essay in which you are missing opportunities to take your essay to a deeper level or make a cohesive connection between ideas. He has many strategies and clear instructions to accomplish these tasks that you may use in future essays as well.”

– Quality Assurance Manager at Next Gen Admit

Allison Hartley

Allison Hartley

Accepted to:
UC Berkeley (attending), Northwestern University, Cornell University, Rice University, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, USC (full Trustee Scholarship), Fordham University (full Fordham Recognition Scholarship), Cal Poly SLO.

National Merit Finalist.

Majors & Interests:
Bioengineering, Journalism, Materials Science & Engineering, English

Hey! I’m Allison from Saratoga, California. I wrote my Common App essay on how bringing together my interests in social justice, journalism, and music made me realize just how much I have to learn from the people around me. In another successful essay, I dove into what medieval pigs can teach us about neuroscience and the law. Writing my personal essays helped me weave my seemingly disparate curiosities into snapshots of how I think, and I’d love to help you do the same.


My interests eventually brought me to UC Berkeley, where I’m studying Bioengineering and Journalism. I love breaking down the magic of my lab group’s engineering research into chunks that excite other people, too. From the nerdiest EE/CS essay to the poetic English supplement, I’d love to help you bundle your energy, knowledge, and curiosity into an essay that will excite your application reader. With my journalism chops and extensive experience writing and editing personal essays, we’ll make every word count in your essays.

“I can’t even begin to describe how amazing Allison was. She looked over both my common app, USC essays, and UC PIQ’s so many times and always provided the best feeback on how to provide more clairty and context. Her ability to expand upon every sentence is truly brilliant. You can tell she is extremely passionate about helping students write the best possible essays for their dream colleges. Again, Allison is truly the best and I’d recommend her again and again and AGAIN!”

– Miriam from Virginia


“Allison did an amazing job editing and providing feedback on my essay. She was able to point out mistakes and ideas that I would’ve never caught or thought of. I already had my draft done but I had trouble cutting out information because I knew some parts needed to be deleted but I couldn’t point out where. Allison helped with that and wow! She also asked questions that I could answer and add to my essay to make it more detailed, so it’s more “showing” than “telling”. I would recommend this service to anyone who needs any type of help on their essays.”

– Eva from New Jersey


“Allison is amazing! Her feedback is so insightful and thought out and truly improved the quality of my essay. I would 100% recommend her to anyone who is looking to add extra “spice” or clarity to their essays!”

– Marya from Texas


“With all of Allison’s writing experience, it’s clear she has a way with words. Having edited many of her college essays, I am fully confident in her ability to help you craft eloquent sentences that allow your personality to shine through. Allison will also encourage you to showcase emotional intelligence (a quality that admissions officers love!) by further engaging in self-reflection, identifing deeper meanings, and avoiding overused phrases. Her feedback will help you strengthen your insights to impress the AOs!”

– Dyllen Nellis, Stanford University

Dyllen Nellis

Dyllen Nellis

I am not editing essays offline, but my team members are excellent and eager to assist you! If you would like to work with me live on Zoom, please check out The Gold Key Collective! 🙂

Accepted to:
Stanford University (attending), USC (Iovine & Young Academy Scholarship), UCLA, UC San Diego, New York University (Tisch Scholarship), Fordham University, Marist College, The College of New Jersey.

LA5 Rotary Scholarship Recipient,
SAG-AFTRA Scholarship Recipient,
AP Scholar, Scholastic Art Awards National Gold Medalist

Majors & Interests:
Human-Centered Design and Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Psychology, Digital Marketing, Personal Growth & Development, Education, Computer Science, Visual & Performing Arts

What’s up! I’m Dyllen from Los Angeles, California. My mission is to help students effectively convey their personal values, experiences, and potential through well-crafted essays. My college app process led to amazing self-discovery and a clearer understanding of storytelling; I want to help you do the same. After getting accepted into every school I applied to, I have spent every year since researching college essay strategies, creating educational content on YouTube, working directly with students, and offering a comprehensive online college essay course with all my best advice.


My team of editors and I work off of the same system: we push you to dive deeper with your storytelling and self-reflection through thought-provoking questions. We will help you craft a thematically cohesive essay and suggest ways to draw connections between ideas. You may be familiar with my face, but be sure to also check out the rest of my team, because they are each pretty rad. 

“Dyllen has the eye of a storyteller. For my Common App essay, which ultimately became one of my UC PIQs, Dyllen helped clarify different moving parts of my essay to become one cohesive narrative. By asking a number of probing questions, identifying confusing syntax, and pointing out opportunities for me to tie my complicated story together, her feedback made sure I presented myself in the best way possible Because of Dyllen, I was able to show who I was and who I became in my story, and this is a skill that not many people can do well. But Dyllen can! Compared to other services, Dyllen’s is affordable and focuses on capturing who YOU are as an individual. Using her feedback and watching her videos allowed me to create an application that I was proud of!”

– Clara, UC Berkeley


“One of the most important decisions I made during my college application process was getting Dyllen to help me brainstorm essay ideas and later on edit two rounds of my Common App essay. Her feedback helped me understand where my writing was strong and where I needed to go back to the drawing board so that I could craft the strongest application possible. I cannot thank her enough and recommend her to any and everyone! She has helped me achieve my goal of attending Stanford, and I know she can do the same for you!”

– Melany, Stanford University