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Vania Cornell

"I got a full ride to an Ivy League!"

"With Dyllen's program, I learned what to do before the writing process, how to level up the essays, and how to save crucial time by recycling essays in the best way possible! There are plenty of resources on how to write essays but this program really gave me a new perspective on portraying me as a human and how to stand out as an international student. I wouldn't have been able to make it without your help Dyllen!"
Vania – Cornell University

"This course helped me feel really confident about creating an outline and drafting my essays with all these examples that showed me how to put together all of my ideas.”

“Before the program, I felt like I was getting a ton of advice thrown at me, but had no examples or stories to prove that all this advice worked or how to put it all together. But what really helped me was reading the example essays in the course and seeing the breakdown of how admissions officers would interpret each part of the essay."
Nell – Harvard University
Hudson USC

"Dyllen pushed my son beyond anything I would've thought possible."

"My son learned more about writing in the two weeks between Christmas and the New Year than in his 4 years of school! I only wish that we had found Dyllen a year earlier. She went out of her way to be encouraging with rough love and pushed my son beyond anything I would've thought possible."
Parent of Hudson – USC
Luke Boston University

"I am happy to share that because of Dyllen’s help, I will be attending my dream school: Boston University!!!"

"When I met with Dyllen on Zoom for the first time, I was all over the place! Dyllen immediately helped ease my nerves and provided great advice while answering all of my countless, and very specific questions. I have many friends who paid for SAT tutoring and other personal college counseling, and based on what I’ve heard from them, Dyllen’s services are far more valuable and she is so much more skilled at what she does. I highly recommend that all college applicants take advantage of the tools and services she has to offer."
Luke – Boston University
Maya UPenn

"I'm going to UPenn!"

"I learned how to better organize my essay response and I realized my response did not have to be one life-changing moment, but could be a series of events and life experiences that built my character!"
Maya – University of Pennsylvania

"Dyllen is fantastic and knows so much about college essays."

"Even though I felt confident about my general writing abilities, college essay writing is a different beast. She helped me tackle it, encouraging me to reflect further and refine my essays into pieces that were authentically me. She was always timely and available to answer follow-up questions, too. I'd highly recommend her services wherever you are in your application process!"
Allison – UC Berkeley

"I discovered my strengths, themes, and learned how to build connections between my experiences!"

Before using Dyllen's resources, my essay ideas were scattered and I struggled to find themes. Using her program, I discovered my strengths and how they connected to experiences and relationships I had. That helped me form cohesive stories that highlighted my creativity, perseverance, and successes. I realized how valuable it was to dig deep in my past, uncovering hobbies and challenges throughout my life, and thinking about how relationships shaped me, in the brainstorming exercises that Dyllen provided. I also realized that tying several, what seemed like unrelated topics together was possible and helpful.

I felt so relieved after using Dyllen's program and talking with her over zoom calls. Dyllen's prompts and structure made writing the essays so much easier, and actually fun. Her instructions to use timelines helped me stay on track. Overall, her program made this daunting process doable way less stressful. I am so grateful!
Sunny – University of California San Diego

"I got into schools that I would never have fathomed getting into - schools with below 5% acceptance rates. It has truly been a dream come true."

"I loved how organized her entire program is and how easy she makes it for students to craft meaningful essays while also being authentic and truthful to who they are. It allowed me to learn a lot about myself, and in turn, teach those reading my essays who I am as well."
Maggie – Harvard University
Karen Stanford
"I absolutely loved the guided framework! Thank you so much for collecting all of it and displaying it for us in an organized manner."
Karen – Stanford University
Puerto Rico

"I truly thank Dyllen for helping me get into every single school I applied to, including two Ivies."

“Before working with Dyllen, I was super confused about what to do for my essay or if what I was talking about was good enough. She helped me realize that my approach toward college essays was all wrong. I realized that my story, no matter how big or small, is my story, and it matters. Dyllen helped me to keep the subject of my essay but hit it from a unique and beautiful angle that really strengthened my essay. She knows exactly what she's talking about (unlike my mother who wanted to write the essay)."
Bailey – SUNY Binghamton
Accepted to Brown, Cornell, NYU, Amherst, Oberlin, Williams, SUNY Binghamton, SUNY Albany, Stony Brook, SUNY Purchase
New York
Claress Swarthmore
"Dyllen's resources allowed me to find a sense of confidence in my voice and story. With that confidence, I was guided me to complete an application that felt authentic to me."
Claress – Swarthmore University
New York
Alessandra Cal Poly SLO

"More than highly recommend!!"

"Dyllen was amazing to work with! Not only does she have great energy, her creativity in helping the essays stand out was above and beyond. She is extremely smart and professional and her feedback was spot on. So blessed to have found her during such a stressful time applying for college! More than highly recommend!!"
Alessandra – Cal Poly SLO
Stanford Logo

"Dyllen's college essay advising service stands unparalleled to any other service out there!"

"I entered the college application process without much support from others but I stumbled upon Dyllen's YouTube channel over the summer. She generously offers so many resources and I can tell that she loves working with every one of her students. To all future applicants, definitely reach out to Dyllen for help! I thought of it as an investment into my future and I'm so glad that Dyllen makes this process accessible to all!"
Vivian – Stanford University
UC Berkeley Logo

"Dyllen has the eye of a storyteller."

"Dyllen helped clarify different moving parts of my essay to become one cohesive narrative. By asking a number of probing questions, identifying confusing syntax, and pointing out opportunities for me to tie my complicated story together, her feedback made sure I presented myself in the best way possible. Compared to other services, Dyllen's focuses on capturing who YOU are as an individual. Because of Dyllen, I was able to show who I was and who I became in my story, and this is a skill that not many people can do well. But Dyllen can! Her teachings and feedback allowed me to create an application that I was proud of!"
Clara – UC Berkeley

"Dyllen's advice enabled me to gain admission to my dream schools!"

"I was hesitant to do essay editing services at first since I didn’t know if it would be helpful, but Dyllen’s editing really helped me enhance my essays by strengthening the themes and adding clarity to details. Also, the short paragraph of overall feedback is really helpful as it gives me an insight into how my essays are perceived by readers besides the people I know. Thank you, Dyllen! And I strongly recommend her editing service to anyone who requires suggestions for their college essays."
Emilie - University of Pennsylvania
UCLA logo

"I never imagined I could craft the quality of essays necessary to be admitted to some of the country’s most competitive and high-ranked universities."

Dyllen's program was invaluable in my journey to craft the best college application essays possible

Like most, the college application and essay writing process initially felt daunting and intimidating. But after learning Dyllen's process, I understood more about who I was and the personal values and stories I wanted to convey throughout my college application essays. The step-by-step process allowed me to break the process down into more manageable pieces to which I could better fine-tune the details and be less stressed. Everything is methodically well-planned and detailed. 

As a result, I was admitted into some of my top choices, including Berkeley & UCLA, and I am certain that I could not have done it without Dyllen.
Abraham – UCLA
Stanford Logo

"Dyllen helped me achieve my goal of attending Stanford, and I know she can do the same for you!"

"One of the most important decisions I made during my college application process was getting Dyllen to help me brainstorm and edit my essays. Her feedback helped me understand where my writing was strong and where I needed to go back to the drawing board so that I could craft the strongest application possible. I cannot thank her enough and recommend her to any and everyone!"
Melany – Stanford University

"I really loved the course because of how much it built my confidence and readiness for the essays."

"I initially felt unsure if I could write a standout essay to get into my reach school, because of how different the college essays were from what they teach us here in Nigeria. But with the course I learned how to use anecdotes and I believe I created a fantastic starting. The course also helped me in structuring my essay and knowing which parts I should emphasize, which was very important to me."
Oseremhen – Vanderbilt University
Stanford Logo

"This course made the whole process much more manageable!"

"Reading other accepted applicants essays was a great way for me to gauge if I'm on the right track and am using the required level of language. Watching the videos in combination with the essays made the whole process much more manageable."
Tamish – Stanford University

"I won the USC Presidential Scholarship!"

"Dyllen's program helped me so much throughout my college application process. She really allowed me to add structure to the process, identify what I needed to work on, organize my ideas, and evaluate what I truly wanted to convey in my essays. The videos and curriculum integrated into her course really helped me tell my story and be proud of my writing. It was definitely worth it! I would recommend it!"
Uriel – USC

"Thanks for helping me get into the Ivy League!"

"Dyllen helped bring clarity to my essay structure that was desperately needed, further helping to unify my ideas into a cohesive narrative for a successful application that highlighted the best I had to offer."
Prince – Cornell University
Columbia Logo

"Dyllen made it easy."

The college application process was super stressful and scary, but Dyllen made it easy to step back and get to the root of my problems. If you're unsure about what stories to write about, she made it easy to pinpoint the most interesting things about you, make them relevant to your character, and write wonderful essays. Dyllen broke down the structure and made it a more collaborative and individualized experience, making it easier to figure out what to write about."
Julie – Columbia University
Columbia Logo

"I was able to get into multiple Ivy leagues, ultimately deciding to go to Columbia University!"

"Dyllen really helped me start to develop the ideas and life stories I wanted to share with colleges. Thank you Dyllen for helping me in my college journey!"
Angela – Columbia University
Stanford Logo

"These resources work!"

"All of Dyllen's content on essay composition and how to frame an application helped tremendously! I also benefitted greatly from the Stanford-specific advice, as that was the school I most wanted to attend, and I ended up getting admitted, so these resources work!"
Pedro – Stanford
Yale Logo

"Meeting with Dyllen over Zoom allowed me to have a lot of clarity and direction going into college essay writing season."

"We brainstormed my theme and ways to tell my story, which helped me get a good head start on the hardest part of essay writing. I appreciated all of her great ideas and encouragement so much!"
Isabella – Yale University

"Dyllen understands the college application process, and I knew I could trust her feedback."

"She gave me great advice on how to better organize my supplements and "spice up" the writing style. She also explained her suggestions in a simple way so that I could easily understand how to make adjustments. She is also extremely accessible and provided a quick turn-around time. I definitely recommend her services!"
Eve – University of Pennsylvania
New York

"I’ve had two of my essays edited by Dyllen, and I can confidently say that they are some of the best essays I wrote for my college application process."

"Not only was Dyllen’s essay editing significantly more affordable than some of the other college consulting services I used, but it was also much more detailed and thorough. Through providing lots of thought-provoking questions about the values and themes I wanted to portray in my essays, Dyllen really helped me make my essays as specific to who I am as possible and, in doing so, only helped me stand out more as a unique applicant. I highly recommend her essay editing service!"
Youssef – USC

"I was accepted into my dream school!"

"Dyllen is clear, concise, and extremely helpful! The college admissions process is a notoriously difficult and confusing process. Dyllen’s guidance, however, helped me better understand how to succeed and to be accepted to my dream school!"
Saba – Harvard University
New York
UCLA logo

"I'm going to UCLA!!"

"Honestly, I absolutely LOVED IT!!! This program was extremely helpful in helping me organize my college list and most definitely helped me figure out which values and qualities I wanted to highlight in my essays. It was also really colorful and aesthetically pleasing."
Khushi – UCLA

"I was able to get into a school I didn't expect to get into (USC) which increased my self-confidence."

"I loved this course! I felt like my thoughts were scattered all over the place, with online advice scattered everywhere. But the Ultimate Guide to Craft Your Story turned my college application process into something more than just a stressful situation. Top-notch essay examples, essay structures, and space to begin creating were found all in one guidebook! Eventually, the writing tips paid off as I was able to get into a school I didn't expect to get into (USC) which increased my self-confidence. I am proud of the learning experience I got from all this. May positivity and inspiration forever exist!"
Karla – USC
UC Berkeley Logo

"This course was a huge lifesaver that made me excited to work on my application!"

"It has allowed me to have fun and be creative during a time that is tend to be filled with stress over college applications. Every lecture you have written out was all super helpful and constructive. It was so worth it."
Raisa – UC Berkeley

"Dyllen is simply amazing!"

"Not only did she help me brainstorm extremely creative ideas for both my common app and writing supplements but she also greatly improved my writing style. For anyone looking to get their essays edited, Dyllen is the person to go to!"
Vivaan – Duke University

"I wrote authentic essays!"

"Dyllen really helped me challenge myself to play with my writing in a visual and creative way rather than try to make myself sound a certain way through my writing that wasn’t authentic. I loved the examples she used and the descriptions and emphasis on utilizing sensory imagery in my essays."
Sarah – New York University

"Dyllen's coaching and essay editing really made me think about myself more than I would have normally, and I think she is naturally a great writer to work with!"

Jason – Georgia Tech
Jolie - Texas A&M Texas

I absolutely loved your course! I was so worried about the application process because I had no idea how to write a college essay, and then enrolled in your course and it helped so much and made organizing and brainstorming essays so easy. I loved your words of encouragement and humor throughout the course and it felt really personal. I am so grateful for your program and all your advice that helped me get into all 6 schools that I applied to!

Ellie - UT Austin Texas

This course was a lifesaver during college apps. It was incredibly helpful in providing examples of successful essays from students who got into a lot of the schools I applied to. Every example was analyzed line by line which made it easier for me to view my own essay objectively while writing and editing (Dyllen is also a great editor)! Another helpful thing is the list of overused phrases. Hearing from someone who has read a ton of essays tell you what won't stand out was SO HELPFUL and I definitely caught myself trying to use some of those phrases. This course is helpful no matter what step of the essay writing process you're on and helped relieve a lot of stress for me!

Jessica - UCLA California

Definitely love how Dyllen was able to help out to phrase my story and tell it with such exciting details! I was able to narrow down so many details and share my true passions! Thanks to Dyllen!

Olivia Virginia

This was an extremely fun process and definitely was a fantastic form of self reflection and self exploration! The course is fantastic.

Sumaiya Bangladesh

A BIG thank you for creating this course. It has helped me become more comfortable with sitting myself down and learning more about myself. I feel more connected and in-tune with myself now that I have completed the admissions process. The "things I feel vulnerable about" part honestly brought me to tears. It’s helping me become more comfortable with facing things that I otherwise buried deep. VERY thorough instructions and doesn't feel like work when solving the workbook. Thank you Dyllen!

Samrawit Ethiopia

College applications are difficult, especially when you have no one to guide you through the process and lack exposure to information. But Dyllen's course against all odds helped me to create a tangible essay draft; not just one essay, but all of my college essays. Essays that spoke my mind and soul. Essays that I would never dare to write without her help. Dyllen, I am so grateful you are helping many disadvantaged and less fortunate high school students like me in many countries. Your work is a true masterpiece.

Malia – Western Washington University Washington

I liked how relatable this course was, being able to see that Dyllen had the same writing struggles I had gave me more reassurance. This course provided many essay examples that were highlighted and broken down, it taught me how to effectively write a compelling story, or as Dyllen calls it “a window into our complex lives”. Also, I appreciate that she goes above and beyond to make taking this course as equitable as possible for more students through scholarships, YouTube videos, and free introductory sessions. I hope more school districts can provide this amazing course to build more confidence in students’ story writing abilities as it did for me.


Dyllen!!! I just want to say you have been BY FAR the MOST helpful resource I've gotten throughout this college process. Like you, I didn't come from a family with money to pay for a college counselor, and I've spent months and months researching on my own. I was at the tail end of submitting my applications when I discovered your page (working on revising my last essays to uMichigan right now!) and they have helped me really dig into my values to create essays that speak to me. I am 100% recommending your course to my younger sister who has a few years before she starts this process. So much love for you girl <3

Marcela - Wellesley Ate Vitarte, Peru

As a low-income and international student, I struggled with all the application and essay writing process since day one. I was not used to talking about myself through words and I didn't know if my story was impactful, nor if it was worth sharing. But being a recipient of a scholarship to enroll in this course was extremely helpful. I got so much information through Dyllen's YouTube channel and this course. I learned to brainstorm, choose my topics strategically, construct my ideas, analyze the impact on me and others, and create an essay that portraits my voice. Dyllen was amazing by giving free resources and creating this course. I appreciate all the time invested in this huge project and hopefully, it will continue to grow to help other students as it helped me.

Maritza Jakarta, Indonesia

It helped me structure my essay and guided me step by step through the writing process. As an international student, this course especially helped me brainstorm my essay topic.

Samantha - Purdue University Illinois

Dyllen has edited many of my essays, and I can confidently say I would recommend her to any of my friends or classmates. Her edits are very comprehensive and she has ensured that all my essays sound precise, personal, and interesting to read. I definitely recommend scheduling a Zoom call with her to explain your ideas for your essays, she has been very helpful in helping me find ways to elevate my essay topics and make them incredibly specific. Her help has reduced my stress greatly in this process and I truly believe her services are worth the money.

Cassidy Canada

Dyllen's comments were very thorough and helpful. She led me in the right direction and was clear with what would make my essays even better. She was so quick to respond and always ready to help despite my short notices. Whatever happens in the end, I am so thankful that I had Dyllen supporting me along the way.

Miranda Texas

I would highly recommend this essay editing service to others! The prices are extremely reasonable, especially compared to other services out there, but the quality of feedback is exceptional.

Anisha - Texas A&M Canada

Dyllen was super helpful and supportive. She helped me right from the start from planning out my essay to editing the final product. Her help really allowed me to feel confident during the college admissions process and it is clear that she truly wants the best for her clients. Thanks for everything!

Zayn - Babson College Washington

After spending $1000+ and 40+ hours with elite college admissions counselors, I was able to gain the knowledge I needed in just 60 minutes with Dyllen. Her pricing model is incredible for students looking to gain rapid feedback on their essays and her resources provide actionable insights into the admissions process. Her platform undoubtedly provides robust and comprehensive resources that are optimized for students and their stage in the journey. Dyllen should be the primary option for students when seeking input from someone who went through the college process.

Gabriella - University of Michigan Michigan

I really enjoyed your feedback. It was done with so much effort it really showed, it was easy to tell you didn’t just skim over my essay and really took your time to find things to correct. The critiques where done so it did not feel like you were insulting but rather uplifting! I would recommend you to anyone!

Kateryna - University of Southern California Luhansk, Ukraine

I found Dyllen’s YouTube channel and was absolutely in love with how easy and time-wise affordable her essay approach is. Everything is succinct, neat, to the point. After watching all her videos at least twice, I asked her to supervise my essays (grammar check, recommendation on improving contents) and, as a result, I have been accepted at 5 schools from 7 submissions (2 still pending). I can tell for sure that Dyllen is a conscientious, hard-working professional, whose services are worth every penny you pay. The notes she gave were always intelligible, and immediately instructed me ‘on the right pathway’ of my essay's journey. Thank you so much, Dyllen! I was lucky to find you and get your helping hand.

Sarah - New York University Massachusetts

Your resources really helped me to challenge myself to play with my writing in a visual and creative way rather than try to make myself sound a certain way through my writing that wasn’t authentic. I loved the examples you used and the descriptions and emphasis on utilizing sensory imagery in my essays.

Lucia - UC Berkeley California

As a visual learner, Dyllen's integration of charts and graphs in her videos to display statistics and explain her college admission strategies was so helpful. I exclusively watched her YouTube videos knowing I would be able to understand and retain the information she presented. As a student busy with college applications, I watched Dyllen's videos with full confidence that my time was well invested and that I would gain valuable insight for my essays.


Thank you so much for this. I scrapped three personal statements and kept on wondering what went wrong; all of them just felt really off and had a robotic feel to it. I realized that it’s because I jumped to the word-vomit stage without writing down my values + bullets, or establishing a structure. I’m really glad that I started binging your videos because I’m going to scrap my draft once again and start over using your outline.

Stanford Admits

You literally helped me get into Stanford with your YouTube videos, so if you ever have doubts if you're truly helping people, you definitely are. Watching your videos helped me tremendously on my essays and the admissions process, so much so that I can proudly say that I’m part of the Stanford c/o 2024! Your videos have been an immense help in the application process and ultimately got me into Stanford REA! It's crazy to think that I'm going to Stanford now, but I watched a bunch of your YouTube videos when I was applying and found them SO helpful.

Jesus - Cornell University Texas

Many times this year I have found myself struggling and lost with many aspects of my applications, but watching your videos has helped me craft what I believe to be a great application. I am low income and first-gen. I never had help from my parents, my school counselor, or even friends, but I always found myself learning more and more from you. You deserve recognition and gratitude. So thank you so so much for everything Dyllen. Thank you for helping those who can’t really receive help from others. You have an amazing heart.

Alexandra - UT Austin Texas

Your resources helped so much! It was very fun watching your YouTube videos and seeing how you were so passionate about helping us through the college application process! They were so descriptive, detailed, and well-done. I know some people just include stats, but you went all out to make sure that we have useful resources! I also loved your crash course! It was pretty cool and useful to have all of those examples and chapters! I especially loved that you gave us a google slides filled with things! It really made it a lot easier to brainstorm about college essays!

Students From Around The World

Your videos break down the complex college admission process into something more understandable. I particularly appreciate your time management videos which have allowed me to plan out my applications without falling into the dangerous pit of procrastination.
They gave me confidence and motivation to effectively plan out my time toward building a good application.
More than the help, it’s gotten me pumped and excited for the whole application process instead of stressing me out.

Ramey Echt College Consultant at Matchlighters

I'm so impressed with all the content you have generated! I regularly share your videos with my students (I volunteer through Matchlighters- a scholarship program for low income students run by Ethan Sawyer). Your content is amazing! It's fun, informative, personal, honest, and easy to understand. I think it's especially great that it comes from a current student.

College Essay Guy (Ethan Sawyer) Author of College Essay Essentials

Waddup Dyllen! Love your videos. <3