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Hey there, I'm Dyllen!

I am so excited to work with you.

Colleges want to understand who you are as a whole person, not just a list of stats and achievements. Stellar college essays are pivotal for a successful application. Now, you might be thinking that your story is "basic" or "not unique".

But I will prove you wrong.

I believe everyone has a story to tell, no matter how big or how small. We each live by a set of values, beliefs, and principles – but as a high schooler this level of introspection may seem unfamiliar. By utilizing my Stanford education in design-thinking and years of experience in college admissions coaching, I follow a process designed to help you develop a stronger understanding of yourself and craft a stand-out narrative. 😇
Dyllen Nellis Stanford
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"Dyllen helped me achieve my goal of attending Stanford, and I know she can do the same for you!"

"One of the most important decisions I made during my college application process was getting Dyllen to help me brainstorm and edit my essays. Her feedback helped me understand where my writing was strong and where I needed to go back to the drawing board so that I could craft the strongest application possible. I cannot thank her enough and recommend her to any and everyone!"
Melany – Stanford University
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"Dyllen has the eye of a storyteller."

"Dyllen helped clarify different moving parts of my essay to become one cohesive narrative. By asking a number of probing questions, identifying confusing syntax, and pointing out opportunities for me to tie my complicated story together, her feedback made sure I presented myself in the best way possible. Compared to other services, Dyllen's focuses on capturing who YOU are as an individual. Because of Dyllen, I was able to show who I was and who I became in my story, and this is a skill that not many people can do well. But Dyllen can! Her teachings and feedback allowed me to create an application that I was proud of!"
Clara – UC Berkeley
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"Dyllen made it easy."

The college application process was super stressful and scary, but Dyllen made it easy to step back and get to the root of my problems. If you're unsure about what stories to write about, she made it easy to pinpoint the most interesting things about you, make them relevant to your character, and write wonderful essays. Dyllen broke down the structure and made it a more collaborative and individualized experience, making it easier to figure out what to write about."
Julie – Columbia University

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The Ultimate Guide to Craft Your Story

Step-by-Step Online Course
to craft compelling college essays of all types

The Gold Key Collective

Weekly live coaching support, on-demand content,
Discord community, and unlimited essay editing!

Dyllen's Private Coaching Program

1 on 1 Coaching throughout your
ENTIRE college application season

On-Demand Content

Coaching in Community

Coaching in Private

The Gold Key Collective

The Complete Package

Build a competitive application to top-schools, with support and accountability from application experts and likeminded go-getters!

With weekly coaching sessions and a members-only Discord group, you will gain the clarity you've been looking for to elevate your college essays to the next level. On each call, my team and I will personally review student work and provide detailed feedback that you can directly apply to your own applications. Whether you choose to volunteer your essay for feedback or soak in the lessons of others, I can guarantee that you will leave with newfound insight and discoveries.

You can post questions in the Discord at any time and submit your essays to be edited by our team an UNLIMITED number of times (yes, you read that right).
We believe in celebrating your wins of any shape or form, so we'll be cheering you on every step of the way!

The Ultimate Guide to Craft Your Story

College Essay Course

The program for high-achieving high schoolers and college applicants who are ready to discover their personal narrative, unlock a stronger understanding of themselves, and submit phenomenal college essays – with ease.

Stop wasting time scrapping and rewriting mediocre essay drafts, or sifting through random resources online hoping to find the answers.
Instead, follow my stress-free 3 Step Process.

The Ultimate Guide to Craft Your Story is a step-by-step course on how to write every type of college admissions essay. You get instant access to 35+ original video lessons, a digital workbook, 26+ successful essay examples, 1 free essay edit by my team of editors, and so much more!
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1:1 Strategy

Dyllen's Private Coaching Program

Looking for long-term, 1 on 1 support?
You're in luck! Sorting the chaos in your brain is my strong suit.

You and I will meet weekly on Zoom until ALL of your college applications are submitted. Using a holistic approach, I will create a personalized game plan for you to build a cohesive & competitive application, while staying organized along the way.
I will help you brainstorm, outline, and edit EVERY single one of your college essays and activities list descriptions until they feel fully polished and true to you. You have complete access to ask me any questions about college applications, college life, majors, you name it!

Limited Enrollment. Sign up before spots fill up!

"I won the USC Presidential Scholarship!"

"Dyllen's program helped me so much throughout my college application process. She really allowed me to add structure to the process, identify what I needed to work on, organize my ideas, and evaluate what I truly wanted to convey in my essays. The videos and curriculum integrated into her course really helped me tell my story and be proud of my writing. It was definitely worth it! I would recommend it!"
Uriel – USC

"Dyllen's advice enabled me to gain admission to my dream schools!"

"I was hesitant to do essay editing services at first since I didn’t know if it would be helpful, but Dyllen’s editing really helped me enhance my essays by strengthening the themes and adding clarity to details. Also, the short paragraph of overall feedback is really helpful as it gives me an insight into how my essays are perceived by readers besides the people I know. Thank you, Dyllen! And I strongly recommend her editing service to anyone who requires suggestions for their college essays."
Emilie - University of Pennsylvania

"Thanks for helping me get into the Ivy League!"

"Dyllen helped bring clarity to my essay structure that was desperately needed, further helping to unify my ideas into a cohesive narrative for a successful application that highlighted the best I had to offer."
Prince – Cornell University

"Dyllen is simply amazing!"

"Not only did she help me brainstorm extremely creative ideas for both my common app and writing supplements but she also greatly improved my writing style. For anyone looking to get their essays edited, Dyllen is the person to go to!"
Vivaan – Duke University
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"Meeting with Dyllen over Zoom allowed me to have a lot of clarity and direction going into college essay writing season."

"We brainstormed my theme and ways to tell my story, which helped me get a good head start on the hardest part of essay writing. I appreciated all of her great ideas and encouragement so much!"
Isabella – Yale University
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"I was able to get into multiple Ivy leagues, ultimately deciding to go to Columbia University!"

"Dyllen really helped me start to develop the ideas and life stories I wanted to share with colleges. Thank you Dyllen for helping me in my college journey!"
Angela – Columbia University