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"Dyllen made it easy."

The college application process was super stressful and scary, but Dyllen made it easy to step back and get to the root of my problems. If you're unsure about what stories to write about, she made it easy to pinpoint the most interesting things about you, make them relevant to your character, and write wonderful essays. Dyllen broke down the structure and made it a more collaborative and individualized experience, making it easier to figure out what to write about."
Julie – Columbia University
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"Dyllen has the eye of a storyteller."

"Dyllen helped clarify different moving parts of my essay to become one cohesive narrative. By asking a number of probing questions, identifying confusing syntax, and pointing out opportunities for me to tie my complicated story together, her feedback made sure I presented myself in the best way possible. Compared to other services, Dyllen's focuses on capturing who YOU are as an individual. Because of Dyllen, I was able to show who I was and who I became in my story, and this is a skill that not many people can do well. But Dyllen can! Her teachings and feedback allowed me to create an application that I was proud of!"
Clara – UC Berkeley
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"Meeting with Dyllen over Zoom allowed me to have a lot of clarity and direction going into college essay writing season."

"We brainstormed my theme and ways to tell my story, which helped me get a good head start on the hardest part of essay writing. I appreciated all of her great ideas and encouragement so much!"
Isabella – Yale University

Dyllen undoubtedly provides robust and comprehensive resources that are optimized for students and their stage in the journey. Dyllen should be the primary option for students when seeking input from someone who went through the college process.

Zayn – Babson College Washington

I can confidently say I would recommend Dyllen to any of my friends or classmates. Her edits are very comprehensive and she has ensured that all my essays sound precise, personal, and interesting to read. I definitely recommend meeting on Zoom with her to explain your ideas for your essays, she has been very helpful in helping me find ways to elevate my essay topics and make them incredibly specific. Her help has reduced my stress greatly in this process and I truly believe her services are worth the money.

Samantha – Purdue University Illinois

As an international student who was completely new to the process, Dyllen helped greatly in breaking down each and every step of crafting the perfect essay. I was able to effectively brainstorm ideas for my essays and perfect my essays to tell my authentic story to colleges. I haven’t come across any other extensive resource for essay writing elsewhere! Definitely recommend it to seniors who are struggling to craft their own story.

Mahi - UC San Diego Singapore

Dyllen's program helped me so much throughout my college application process. She really allowed me to add structure to the process, identify what I needed to work on, organize my ideas, and evaluate what I truly wanted to convey in my essays. The videos and curriculum integrated into her course really helped me tell my story and be proud of my writing. It was definitely worth it! I would recommend it!

Uriel - USC Presidential Scholar Washington


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