Meet EC Engine:
Your AI-Powered Extracurricular Toolkit

EC Engine is an innovative suite of AI-driven tools designed to
take your high school extracurriculars to the next level.

Unlock Unlimited Guidance

No more worrying which extracurriculars to choose.
With EC Engine, you'll pursue activities that align with your interests, values, and goals.

Create Real World Impact

Transform your interests into impactful passion projects and make a positive difference in your community.

Stand Out in
College Admissions

Take your intellectual curiosity beyond the classroom and develop ideas, projects, and skills that will set you apart when it comes time to apply to college.


The EC Expert

Introducing The EC Expert, the crown jewel of EC Engine. This chat-based AI tool provides on-demand, expert advising on any extracurricular activity or passion project, at any time. The EC Expert will provide an honest evaluation of your activities – no fluff! – and guide you on how to make them more impactful for college apps.

Imagine having an elite college prep advisor on call 24/7, that's what you get with The EC Expert!

Passion Project Idea Generator

Designed to kickstart your creativity, our passion project idea generator provides personalized project ideas that align with your goals and interests. Each idea is carefully crafted to address real-world problems, making a positive impact while boosting your college application profile.

Just input your interests, intended major, existing extracurriculars, and press GO! Watch the magic unfold in front of your eyes. 😱

With EC Engine, you'll be able to run this bot an unlimited number of times, ensuring you land on the best idea you are confident in pursuing.

Passion Project Curriculum Developer

Your days of worrying "But HOW am I going to do this??" are over.

Say hello to your step-by-step roadmap to a successful passion project. This tool provides a personalized curriculum and timeline to complete your chosen passion project idea, along with suggested resources for each stage of the process.

It's like having a personal project manager, ensuring you've got everything you need to launch your project within your given timeframe!

Plus, we include several databases for you to find internships, competitions, programs, and more opportunities!

Eliminate the guesswork.
Explore new pathways.
Nurture your intellectual curiosity.

(For a fraction of the cost.)

College consultants will typically charge around $200-$500+ per hour to tell you the same information as EC Engine – perhaps even a watered down version.

Think about it... college consultants are trained in admissions strategy. So while they can tell you which ECs are stronger/weaker than others, they don't know everything about biology... or computer science... or psychology... or public policy... or whatever YOUR interests are.

That's precisely where the beauty and power of Artificial Intelligence come in.

EC Engine transcends the constraints of human expertise – it contains deep knowledge of all your niche and varied interests.

Interested in Economics? History? Medicine?
EC Engine knows it all.
Our toolkit will guide you through your projects step by step, no matter how niche or varied your interests might be.

But unlike typical AI systems, its mastery lies in college admissions strategies and high school passion projects.

EC Engine has been specially trained on strategies to set your application apart at the most competitive universities in the U.S. It understands how to leverage your high school activities for maximum impact in ways that a general AI tool does not.

In short, EC Engine gives you the best of both worlds - expert admissions strategy and deep insight into your unique fields of interest, without the hefty consultant price tag.

Get access to unlimited guidance to level up your extracurriculars and stand out in admissions

$200-500 / hour

(The cost of 1 hour with a college consultant)

Just $17 / month

(The cost of 1 meal at a restaurant)

It's our mission to help YOU
achieve your academic and personal goals.

We believe that our students are the heart of our innovation. Your feedback is valuable and allows us to continuously refine our existing tools and develop new ones. As the college admissions and technology landscapes evolve, so do our solutions.

But here's the most exciting part - with your EC Engine subscription, you'll not only get unlimited access to our current toolkit, but you'll also automatically gain access to the new AI tools we add to EC Engine in the future!

Dyllen Nellis
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passion project generator next gen admit
passion project generator next gen admit
passion project generator next gen admit
passion project generator next gen admit
passion project generator next gen admit
passion project generator next gen admit
passion project generator next gen admit
passion project generator next gen admit
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